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More Tableau Practice and Learning — April 1, 2017

More Tableau Practice and Learning

If you’ve already visited our Learn the Basics page, then take the next steps to improve your Tableau skills: find a community, gather inspiration and get more practice with hands-on experience and feedback. If you want more structure, there are also several courses we can recommend.

Find a community

twitter pink2Share your Tableau or data viz creations and help us start our own #SurgViz community! Find us on Twitter (@SurgViz).

Gather inspiration

pinterest pinklCheck out our Pinterest page for lots of boards on data visualization, infographics, graphical design, and more.

Get more practice

For the surgeon looking for more hands-on practice, there is a whole data viz community you can tap into for inspiration and help:

#MakeoverMonday — (Great for extra practice and getting inspiration)

Every week, this social data project posts a figure and a data set that needs some improvements. Across the globe, data viz neophytes and experts try to rework the visualization using Tableau.  The community shares their creations on Twitter and on an impressive Pinterest board.

#TableauTip Tuesday — (Good for learning specific tricks quickly)

This is an awesome list of tips and tricks posted weekly by one of the Tableau Zen Masters. They feature screenshot breakdowns, workbooks to download, and occasionally short video explanations.

data+science also has a thorough Tableau Reference guide. They have compiled and organized long lists of how-to guides by top Tableau viz experts and Tableau “Zen Masters.”

Take classes

See a list of popular courses here.

High Yield YouTube videos:

Tips and Tricks for Beginners (40 minutes)
The tips in this video will save you time down the line and had information I wish I had a year ago.

20 Quick Design Tips for Tableau Dashboards (14 min)
the video is only 14 minutes but it provides a great before and after example of how just some small changes can make a dramatic visual difference.

How to Design Engaging Data Stories in Tableau (40 min)
A member of Tableau’s sports visualization team goes over the 7 main types of stories you can tell with your data.

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