Tableau’s Starter Kit — has didactics and practice exercises for those just starting.

Tableau Public’s Intro Videos — 19 short videos ranging from 2 to 12 minutes in length. They provide the data used in the videos so you can follow along.

  • All of the free training videos can be found here.

Tableau’s Knowledge Base — all of Tableau’s written and video-based resources in a searchable format.

After you find your way around, try this YouTube video out:

Tips and Tricks for Beginners (40 minutes)
The tips in this video will save you time down the line and had information I wish I had a year ago.

20 Quick Design Tips for Tableau Dashboards (14 minutes)
This short video provides a great before and after example of how just some small changes can make a dramatic visual difference.

How to Design Engaging Data Stories in Tableau (40 minutes)
A member of Tableau’s sports visualization team goes over the 7 main types of stories you can tell with your data.


If you have something specific you would like to learn, check out data+science’s Tableau Reference guide. They have thoroughly compiled and organized long lists of how-to guides by top Tableau viz experts and Tableau “Zen Masters.”

Here’s a sneak peek of the topic areas you can expect:

data+science list2