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Shanna Sprinkle, MD (@Sprinkle_MD) is a general surgery resident at AdventHealth Orlando. During her research years she got her MPH in Biostatistics from UNC Gilings’ School of Public Health research years. During that time she focused on several ed-tech and education data warehousing related projects and founded Duke’s Surgical Education Research Group. She then spent a year as a multidisciplinary curriculum designer for major Biotechnology companies before continuing her clinical training. Dr. Sprinkle is interested in big data, data visualization, educational design and the use of technology to improve patient care and surgical training.
You can download the self-guided data viz workbook from her Tableau Public profile.

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Kal Gunasingha (@KalGuna) is a recent graduate from the Duke University School of Medicine. She is currently a general surgery resident at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Kal’s storyboard and how-to guide for creating map visualizations in Tableau can be downloaded from her Tableau Public profile.

HaroldHarold Leraas (@HaroldLeraas) is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine and current Duke General Surgery Resident.  Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Harold’s visualization uses the same dataset but focuses on the cost of healthcare in Washington state. His workbook “Cost of Healthcare in Washington State” can be downloaded from Tableau Public.

IMG_6690Surabhi Beriwal (@Surberry7) is a recent graduate from Duke University undergraduate with a degree in math now matriculated into Emory School of Medicine. She worked on the Surgery Longitudinal Education Database as part of the 2017 Duke Data+/iiD summer undergraduate research program. Surabhi is most excited about data visualization and has worked on data-driven projects in evolutionary biology, journalism, public health, and surgical education. She hopes to eventually integrate this interest in data science into a career in healthcare.